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How to Buy Men’s Rings (And Save Money While You’re Doing It)

Shopping has always come so easily to you – so why are you having such a hard time buying him a wedding band? While getting yourself clothing or accessories is relatively simple because you know what you want and need, when you buy men’s rings, it’s a whole different ball game. Suddenly you need to consider not only what he wants (which he may not even exactly know), but you’ll need to educate yourself on materials that you’ve never even heard of from retailers that you’ve never shopped at before.
Luckily, we have a little cheat sheet that will make your men’s ring shopping go a little more smoothly. Here are three easy tips for buying him a band that he will love – without breaking the bank.

Know what he wants. It sounds obvious, but sometimes discerning your guy’s taste for something as important as a wedding band can be harder than one would think. If he doesn’t regularly wear jewelry, you may have no idea of how his tastes in metals and jewelry styles run. Conversely, you may think you know his style and taste, but find that he has a very different and much unexpected opinion on men’s jewelry once pressed for an answer.

If his band purchase is not meant to be a complete surprise, there is no harm in asking him exactly what he wants. If he is unsure himself, help him out – men can be very visual, so find some images of different styles, colors, types and materials of rings for men to help him tell you what he likes and doesn’t like. Chances are you’ll have a much better idea of what to buy him based on his feedback.

Get him a band made out of a contemporary material. Here’s where the money saving comes into play. While lower cost precious options like 10K gold or palladium can be a great way to get a more affordable band, if he is not dead set on gold, platinum or palladium it might be a good idea to explore other popular choices on the market. Rings for men made out of alternative materials can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of their precious contemporaries, and can offer a host of added benefits to boot.

Of the current contemporary materials found in rings for men, titanium and tungsten are the most common and popular. People can sometimes get the two confused because of their similar price point, gunmetal color and shared strength, but they are otherwise incredibly different from one another. Titanium men’s rings are extremely lightweight, as well as crack-resistant and hypoallergenic. Tungsten bands are incredibly hard, scratch-resistant and pleasantly heavy, but they can also crack if hit against a hard enough surface.

Though not as well-known as titanium and tungsten (at least yet), cobalt chrome is also a particularly good choice for those seeking men’s rings with a classic precious metal look. A metallic alloy of cobalt and chromium, cobalt chrome rings for men have a handsomely high luster that resembles platinum or white gold. With a weight that falls somewhere in between titanium and tungsten wedding ring, cobalt bands are also very durable and hypoallergenic.

Shop online for better deals. It should come as no surprise that the best deals these days can be found on the internet. Not only does the competitiveness of the online market drive prices down universally, but e-tailors frequently offer online promotions and sales. Price comparison engines like Google Shopping and Price Grabber make it easy to compare pricing for a particular item on different sites, and many merchants also offer free shipping on domestic orders. If you’re shopping at an out-of-state site, you can even save on paying sales tax.

Who knew it could be so simple to buy men’s rings? With just a little education on materials and knowing what to look for, you can let your inherent shopping savvy take over and find him a ring that he’ll be proud to wear forever.

Author Bio: Tanya Zilinskas Naouri says that today men’s gold rings can be found in a variety of striking hues that still maintain the metal’s luxurious look


History of Easter, Religious Significance & The Message It Signifies

Well, Easter is just days away and most of us would be eagerly looking forward to times of fun and merriment, but amid all this, it is essential that Easter’s true significance should not be lost on us. This is the reason why I would be discussing the history of Easter, its religious significance and the message that it signifies.

For Christians, Easter and Christmas are two of the most important days in a calendar year. While Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus, Easter signifies his death on the cross and resurrection on the 3rd day. The Catholic faithful believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins (the world’s sins) and his resurrection and ascension into heaven following 3 days of death signifies the victory of good over evil.

A week before Easter, Christians celebrate Palm Sunday, a feast that commemorates Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem where he was treated like a king. However the same Jesus is later accused of blasphemy, charged for defying orders and put on death row. Maundy Thursday connotes the day when Jesus is betrayed by his very own disciple Judas, arrested from the Garden of Gethsemane by the soldiers and charged by the council with capital punishment.

The following day, Jesus is stripped of all his garments except for a linen cloth, a crown of thorns placed on his head (a mocking gesture to signify that he is king) and made to carry a cross (many times heavier than him) up to Mount Calvary where he is crucified on the cross and eventually dies. Therefore it is termed as Good Friday because Jesus died on the cross for the good of the world. Easter celebrates his resurrection from the dead and symbolizes the eternal life that awaits all who believe in the resurrection of the savior.

So what actually is the Easter message? Jesus once said that “Love your enemies do good to those who persecute you”. He exactly did the same when on the cross, he asked for the forgiveness of the people who were responsible for his death. It is a very important message that holds relevance even in today’s modern age. Just think how much better the world would be if people put these principles to practice. It is also a lesson of sacrifice and teaches us that we too need to sacrifices along the way for the greater good of the universe. This is the real Easter message which everyone should remember while celebrating the festival.

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